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Packaging Test Equipment

2023.12.28 16:10:04

Package test equipment is used to test the packaging of various products, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and consumer goods. This equipment is designed to ensure that the packaging can withstand the stresses of shipping and handling, and that the product remains safe, fresh, and intact throughout the distribution chain. Package test equipment includes a range of tools and instruments that are used to test various aspects of packaging, including strength, durability, and integrity.


Some of the most common types of package test equipment are:

Compression Testers: Compression testers are used to test the compressive strength of packaging materials, including cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and metal cans. They apply a controlled amount of pressure to the package and measure the force required to deform or crush the material.

Drop Testers: Drop testers are used to simulate the impact of drops and impacts during shipping and handling. They drop the package from a controlled height and measure the shock and vibration that the package experiences.

Vibration Testers: Vibration testers are used to simulate the vibrations that a package may experience during transportation. They apply mechanical vibrations to the package and measure the effects on the package and its contents.

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