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FAQ for Humidity Test in Climatic Chambers

2024.01.15 15:59:36

Humidity testing is one of the most common tests conducted in a climatic chamber. However, due to transportation, unfamiliarity with operation, and other factors, issues may arise with climatic chambers that were functioning properly before leaving the factory when they reach the customer. This article summarizes some of the problems our customers have encountered during humidity testing and provides the solutions we have offered to address these issues.

Water shortage alarm is triggered frequently

Generally, water consumption of the machine depends on the chamber size, testing conditions, and type of humidification system.

• Climatic Chamber size: Larger climatic chambers consume more water compared to smaller ones to achieve the same humidity levels.

 Testing conditions: Under the same humidity conditions, water consumption can vary significantly at different temperature. For example, the water consumption at 60 degrees Celsius and 98% RH is much higher than at 25 degrees Celsius and 98% RH. Additionally, the longer the test duration, the more water is consumed.

 Humidification system: The efficiency of the humidification system affects water usage.

In conclusion, if long-duration humidity testing is required, regardless of the climatic chamber size, we recommend customers to consider adding an automatic water replenishment device.

Humidity is not accurate

 Check if the position of the wet ball gauze (wet bulb gauze) is correctly placed.

 If the wet ball gauze is dry, check the sink for lack of water.

 If the wet ball gauze has been used for a long time, it may need to be replaced or cleaned.

 If none of the above measures resolve the issue, it is recommended to contact the after-sales personnel for professional technical guidance.


Humidity testing issues are among the most common after-sales problems we have dealt with. So, if you encounter any problems, don't worry. You can seek assistance through the distributor (agent) or contact us directly.

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